Single Gentleman Athletes Are Often Intense People, And It Can Be Difficult To Find The Right Balance In Relationships. What If There Is A Way To Communicate Your Feelings And Navigate Self-Control In Your Relationships? We Created A 6-week Interactive & Knowledge-Based Playbook. This Playbook Helps You Effectively Express And Navigate Your Feelings Bringing Self-Control & Genuine Peace Into Your Personal Life.


Our Agreement

  • I will walk you through an 8-step process to empower you with the life tools you need to improve your performance in the other very important areas of your life.
  • You will feel seen, heard, respected, & understood.
  • There will be no judgment.
  • You will remain anonymous as confidentiality is our top priority.
  • You will have ongoing support along with strategic solutions without going to counseling and bringing up the past.
  • You will benefit from an objective point of view.

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Meet Your Life Coach Tiffany J. Norwood, CNLP, CEQP

I know how it feels. I used to be there. I wanted a marriage that was loving, respectful, and supportive. I faced challenges including unruly emotions, emotional abuse, and constant disrespect. I had been researching for weeks and weeks, and then when I came across a term called Emotional Intelligence, it all started to make sense.

I spent a long time researching and studying the subject. I took some personal time to focus on myself while giving my husband space. My mindset changed from negative to positive; it felt like empowerment! I learned how important it is not only for me but also for others in relationships to know about yourself and navigate your feelings, so they don't become overwhelmed with angry outbursts.

I learned that I could brilliantly become more in-tune with myself by tapping into my feelings for guidance and helping me make the right choices, hence the definition of emotional intelligence. I know now that we have all the power and brilliance already inside of us that can easily be tapped into when we are open, conscious, and willing. It was enlightening to learn that having a deep understanding of myself will help me have better relationships with those I love.

It's time to get in tune with yourself. I offer an eight-step process called the Why You Matter Playbook. It is a 6-week coaching and knowledge-based course, in-person or through a group setting, that helps you understand yourself and use what you find as new information to help you move toward the desired outcomes that you want in your life.

Tiffany J. Norwood, CNLP, CEQP, is the founder & CEO of Your Emotions Matter, Life Coach for Athletes, Transformational speaker, & author. She is a certified NLP practitioner (Neurolinguistic programming is the study of how language is represented in the brain) & a certified Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence practitioner (how to be smarter with feelings). Tiffany J. addresses communication issues, limiting beliefs, & habits that do not serve athletes. In addition, she assists them in understanding, feeling, expressing, & navigating their emotions. Leaving them to feel more aware, secure, peaceful, & confident, resulting in effective communication & genuine success they desire within themselves & in their relationships. Tiffany J. is also a Course Partner for Postseason, founded by NFL Vet Jelani Jenkins, an online platform to empower current & former athletes by giving them the tools and support to find new purpose in life after their professional sports careers end.