Seeking To Communicate Better In Your Professional Career & Relationships?

As a single gentleman athlete, you know how to approach the game with a plan; I help you bring your A-game to your career & personal life by establishing a playbook that will put your relationships on the winning team!

Communication can be frustrating. Your ability to communicate is often the critical factor in determining your success in your professional relationships & with the woman that you love most. Yet you do not have a playbook that teaches you how to be a better communicator in your relationships.

Single Gentlemen Athletes Are Often Intense People, And It Can Be Difficult To Find The Right Balance In Relationships. What If There Is A Way To Communicate Your Feelings And Navigate Self-Control In Your Career & in your Relationships? We Created A 6-week Interactive & Knowledge-Based Playbook. This Playbook Helps You Effectively Express And Navigate Your Feelings Bringing Self-Control & Genuine Peace Into Your Career & Personal Life.

Are you seeking immediate assistance, and are not yet ready to go through the Playbook? I invite you to visit: Why? Because You Matter.

Are You Seeking To Learn How To Handle Life's Challenges With Ease?

  • With The Why You Matter Playbook You Will Learn:

  • To effectively identify, interpret, and navigate all valuable feelings.
  • To acknowledge recurring behavior and reactions.
  • To evaluate the costs and benefits of your choices.
  • To admit, utilize, and strategically transform your emotions.
  • To gain energy from personal values instead of being driven by society.
  • To see a proactive perspective of hope and possibility.
  • To recognize and respond appropriately to other people's feelings.
  • To allow your purpose to influence your daily choices.
  • Plus, additional tools and guidance custom to your unique concerns.

I Am Here Because I Care For You & Want You To Win

I relate to your feelings of not being seen, heard, respected, or understood. I understand how frustrating it is to communicate effectively. I struggled with this until I learned how to use my emotions to my benefit instead of pushing them away, leaving me powerless.

As a Certified EQ (Emotional Intelligence - the ability to strengthen self-control & to make smarter choices by learning to understand, express, & managing your emotions) and NLP Practitioner (the study of how communication is represented in the brain), I’ll introduce you to a plan on how to navigate your emotions, how to improve your communication, locate your limiting beliefs, & guide you in eliminating destructive habits.

Your self-work is vital to maintain healthy and satisfying relationships, especially with first yourself, leaving you feeling respected, appreciated, confident, aware, and purposeful with the help of the Why You Matter Playbook!

I would love to meet you and offer a Safe Space where you can feel free to be you, with no judgment or ridicule. I invite you to visit, A Safe Space for Men.

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A Toxic Friendship

I reached out for help because I was in a toxic friendship. Because of how depressed I was I stayed in it even though I was being used by her. This prevented me from doing many of the things I should have been doing for myself.

Tiffany did an incredible job of understanding my emotions. She understood that just because I am a guy, it does not mean my heart can’t break or be destroyed. She said everything I was hoping to hear and eased my frustrations for wanting revenge.

Tiffany is one of a kind, caring, understanding, and she has knowledge and will see things from your perspective. I now feel better moving on with my life knowing my self-worth while working on my own goals.

Ex Moved On

I was living with my ex and kids’ mother while she has moved on with another man. I didn’t want to be there although I still had feelings for her. I had no where to go plus needed to be there for the kids.

Tiffany encouraged me to give myself space and to allow myself to feel how I feel. She helped me understand it’s okay to feel my emotions, while at the same time eliminating all distractions (TV, video games, other women).

I decided to leave and take time for myself and to think about what I wanted. That time away helped me to self-reflect and to get over my ex. Now I visit my kids without feeling angry, hurt, or lost.

She Cheated

I caught my girlfriend cheating. I was frustrated because I didn’t know how to bring up the fact that I saw the text messages.

Tiffany listened and understood my problem and helped me process the feelings that I was pushing away.

Our sessions helped because I was able to confront my girlfriend in a way that didn’t worsen the situation. I feel better now that I can move forward to handle challenges without blowing up in anger and doing things I would regret.

3 Steps To Start Winning In Life Now


Schedule A One-Hour Consultation

Set up a time to discuss your heart's specific frustrations and concerns without digging into the past.


Go Through The 6-Week Playbook

I will prepare a custom strategy just for you, and I will coach you every step of the way on your journey to peace and self-growth.


Feel, Do, & Be Even Better

Use the knowledge and tools from the Why You Matter Playbook while you improve and eliminate your concerns leaving you feeling equipped to handle challenges with ease.

Are You Having Consistent Conflicts In Your Relationships?

As a competitive athlete, it is common for you to focus on your weakness and work hard in the gym yet neglect to develop the communication skills needed to maintain healthy professional & personal relationships. You know that communication is essential, and you may feel reaching out for help will not benefit you, even when a slight mistake can cost you your career, or when your wife files for divorce due to a lack of emotional support.

You may have been taught that expressing your emotions is a sign of weakness, and as a result, you avoid exploration or sharing of feelings. It is ingrained into your psyche from an early age that you should never share emotions with others, so when faced with issues, you turn to no one else for help and only to yourself, which breeds anger and frustration. This avoidance of feelings does not work – it only makes things worse by piling up all those issues underneath the surface until one day it explodes in an angry outburst, situation, or depression. It would help if you learned how it is okay to express yourself freely to be healthy emotionally and physically while building solid relationships. You excel in sports, yet personal challenges are not addressed as seriously as a performance issues.

It is not your fault how you were taught, which is why the Why You Matter Playbook now exists containing proven solutions. I will guide you step by step through the entire playbook from an objective point of view. The playbook shows you how to improve your self-awareness, strategically strengthen how you communicate, and become introduced to the brilliance that you already have within yourself. Imagine overcoming the fears of speaking up and of being yourself and starting to express yourself clearly and effectively. Imagine building your confidence when communicating with others so that you can achieve better results both on the field and with those you love most.

Why We Are Different

Two Ways To Start Winning In Life Now

Struggling To Feel Heard And Understood?

The King James Package gives you undivided attention, the knowledge, the tools, the plan and helps you feel the support you need to succeed off the field or court.

Learn The Playbook Without Feeling The Pressure.

With The Mamba Mentality Package, you are a part of a group where you will receive the knowledge, the tools, and the plan to succeed off the field or court.

Your Most Valuable Conversations Are Created Within Yourself

You want to win not only on the field, and in all aspects of your life, including your relationships. Here is a five step exercise for you to get on your path to effective communication. Imagine going from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and discouraged to feeling secure, confident, respected, and appreciated.